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Mattiske's GQ Model

Catherine Mattiske

Creator - Genius Quotient (GQ) / Inner Genius,
CEO & Managing Director, GQ Global

Dr. Paul Lever

Chief Research Officer,
GQ Global

Frequently asked questions

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Who created Genius Quotient (GQ) system?

Catherine Mattiske is the creator of the Genius Quotient (GQ), which incorporates her research on learning, intelligence, and higher-level thinking. She has spent over 30 years studying cognitive development and innovative approaches to learning. Her work focuses on helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential and become more successful. Catherine believes that everyone has the ability to reach genius level performance through the power of their own minds, and her GQ system is designed to help people unlock that potential.

How does Catherine Mattiske's Genius Quotient (GQ) system work?

Catherine Mattiske's Genius Quotient (GQ) is a comprehensive framework that takes into account learning and communication in order to assess an individual's potential. The system is based on four key principles: Learn, Connect, Communicate and Influence. Each of these areas are assessed through the Inner Genius Profile that measures an individual's learning and communication preference. Catherine Mattiske has designed the Genius Quotient (GQ) to help individuals recognize their natural talents, understand how to use them in order to reach higher levels of success, and develop strategies for achieving their goals. 

What are the benefits of Catherine Mattiske's Genius Quotient (GQ) system?

Catherine Mattiske's Genius Quotient (GQ) offers multiple benefits to participants. First, the profile result helps individuals recognize and develop their natural talents. By assessing an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, Catherine provides them with practical strategies for reaching higher levels of success. Additionally, her system helps people understand how to use their unique abilities in order to maximize their potential. The Genius Quotient (GQ) importantly provides tools to communicate with people who have different learning and communication preferences, and when implemented it results in frictionless communication.  Finally, Catherine Mattiske's GQ system provides long-term benefits to participants by helping them develop a growth mindset and the skills necessary for achieving success in the future. 

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