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Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your income? GQ Global presents the perfect solution - our free Partner Program, available exclusively on GQ Academy.

With us, you can earn a recurring monthly income just by joining! You'll receive 20% commission per sale, giving you unlimited revenue potential. For example, imagine selling 12 participants into the Discover Your Genius Quotient - Professional program - you'd earn $21,588 in commission! No matter what product or service you sell, GQ Global will pay you 20% of each sale.
3 Simple Steps to Get Paid

how the GQ partner program works

GQ is here to help you start earning commissions in no time. Our program makes it easy, taking only three steps to start getting paid on a monthly basis.

Nurture your clients and earn for life!
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Join for free. It only takes 1 minute to sign up and start promoting. With 20% affiliate commission, creating a new revenue stream has never been easier!
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get your link

When you become a Partner, you get access to your unique affiliate ID. Customize it to create deep links to any GQ Academy page. Your dashboard shows every lead and sale that you send through.
step 3


When someone clicks the link you have shared, and purchases a product, you'll earn 20% not only on the initial sale, but also on any further purchases they make using your link.

what clients say about inner genius (GQ) products

Don't just take our word for it...

Witness it first-hand, directly from our clients and participants.

 the way that you convey information is the difference between a mundane experience and a transformational experience for the learner  

"The GQ Masterclass program had a major impact on the way I approach the work I do with learners. As a career Learning & Development Leader with a background as an Instructional Designer and Learning & Training coach, the way that you convey information is the difference between a mundane experience and a transformational experience for the learner.

Communication is key, all the way down to word choice and comma placement. Not only did this program lead me to discover my Genius Quotient and understand more about myself, it gave me a tool for mass communication when delivering a message or information to learners (and others) with a variety of individual learning and processing styles. This adds to the power of any transformational experience I create by ensuring that it speaks to the needs of every learner that I have the opportunity to work with. It allows me to ensure the message that I am communicating is actually received.

The team was knowledgeable and nice, and the masterclass was a curated experience that was direct and to the point, while exposing me to the opportunities and possibilities for the future with such tools at my fingertips - which is exactly what a person with my exact Genius Quotient needed."



 you unlock your own and others’ unique learning preferences and strengths; and build trust-based relationships with people different from you  

"Rethinking, relearning, collaboration and communication have become essential skills for career success in the 21st Century.

Timely, the book “Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success offers a science-backed roadmap and programmatic guide on accelerating learning agility and communication efficacy.

With mastery of 12 Inner Genius Archetypes, you unlock your own and others’ unique learning preferences and strengths; and build trust- based relationships with people different from you through effective communications."



 I wish I could’ve had these informative yet easily learnable skills for the last 15 years.... Communication is a central part of my job but now I feel like my message is being heard  

"The Discover Your Genius Quotient program has been a lively and fascinating experience for me. I wish I could’ve had these informative yet easily learnable skills for the last 15 years of my professional career.

The program has unlocked tools to promote self-awareness and to capitalize on unique learning modes in order to shape effective communication with others.

Communication is a central part of my job but now I feel like my message is being heard. I think this program is suitable for anyone who is interested in upping their communication game; the Genius Quotient details a personalized archetype, processing power and brain fuel to open the doors of being understood.

At a minimum, you will learn about yourself. Put to its full potential, you can extend influence through your professional and personal life, building strong and effective teams with a collective focus."

courtney Palmoore


The Personal and Professional Development market is exploding. 

The Personal Development market in the US alone, is worth $41.8B (Grand View Research).

Inner Genius (GQ) links to Mental Health, Motivation & Inspiration, Self-awareness and Skillset Enhancement making it the ideal product for Personal Development for individuals, and families.

Global PD market stats

The Professional Development market in the US alone, is worth XXXX (ATD).

Inner Genius (GQ) links to Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership, Sales, DEIB, and general Learning and Development programs making it the ideal product for professionals across all industries

Earn a 20% commission

Monetize your existing and new clients by introducing them to Inner Genius (GQ) and all products on GQ Academy, and earn 20% on all sales.

receive monthly payout

You get direct payments into your PayPal or bank account every month, visible on your dashboard, and you get notified of payments.

Reliable lead tracking

Our system attributes new leads and customers to your unique affiliate ID. 90-day cookies ensure they will be associated with your account giving you time to nurture sales.

detailed stats and analytics

As a Partner, by logging into your affiliate dashboard, you will be given access to detailed stats and data about leads, sales, and customers.

premium affiliate training

Join our Partner Program and get access to high-quality training to pave your path to achieve successful promotions.

rich promotional tools

Besides training, we provide ready-made banners, email swipe files, affiliate marketing guides, pitch deck for sales presentations, and other resources.


Frequently asked questions

1. Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate?

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming a member of the GQ Partner Program.

2. How long do the cookies last?

Our cookies last for 90 days. This means that you get credit for any referred customer, using your link, who returns to our site within 90 days, even if they do so directly.

3. Is there an agreement that I need to accept before becoming an affiliate?

In order to become an affiliate you will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions of our GQ Partner Program.

4. On what products do I earn a commission?

There are no limitations or restrictions on which products can be sold through our GQ Partner Program. And there are no limits on the amount of commission you can earn as a Partner.
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