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Wide-ranging topics in an easy-to-read magazine format for short bursts of learning. Find out more about Knowledge Zines and collect your next Zine Issue below.

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A fast and convenient way to explore key learning & development skills and gain practical knowledge. A short burst of learning to enhance your training expertise, sharpen skills and fast-track your career path.

Inside this issue...

  • 2 Mindsets of Most Successful Trainers
  • MINDSET 1: It's not Your Course, It's Their Course
  • Shifting Your Focus to Participants
  • MINDSET 2: How Do You Know They Know?
  • Changing Your Mindset for Using Reviews
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About knowledge Zines

Knowledge Zines are an easy-to-read digital magazine format for short bursts of learning.
Read a Zine ‘on the go’ to pick up a snapshot, ideas, tips and tricks around a specialist subject. Zines are a fast and convenient way to explore a chosen topic area and gain practical knowledge. Designed for people wanting to enhance expertise, sharpen skills and fast-track their career path.
  • This issue is focused on...

  •   2 mindsets of most successful trainers... How to shift training focus to maximize success
  • AND features:
  • FOUR high-impact articles, each focused on how small changes in mindset dramatically boosts your impact
  • Practical ideas, tips, tricks and more to enhance your training expertise and skills


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