Unlock Inner Genius Provides Organizations With The Ability To Better Understand Their Teams

by Catherine Mattiske · 3 min read
4 SEP 2021
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The book Unlock Inner Genius provides people with practical tools to better understand two of the most important things: how they learn and communicate.
Unlock Inner Genius, the newly released book by Catherine Mattiske, provides businesses with innovative ways to connect with their employees and build more functional relationships across teams. Unlock Inner Genius provides people with practical tools to better understand two of the most important things: how they learn and communicate. Catherine Mattiske channeled her 30 years of experience in training for high-level companies into this book, giving people from all walks of life effective tools to adapt to change and achieve their goals in the rapidly shifting business landscape of today.

Unlock Inner Genius focuses on defining an individual's Genius Archetype, including Archetypes such as "The Narrator," "The Futurist," and "The Horologist." Mattiske uses these Archetypes to help people understand their communication and learning styles. “The book offers a science-backed roadmap and programmatic guide on accelerating learning agility and communication efficacy and build[ing] trust-based relationships with people different from you through effective communications,” said Donald Fan, Senior Director at Walmart, USA.

"It is not uncommon to be in a meeting and feel like you don't understand the other people in the room," said Mattiske." Unlock Inner Genius helps individuals understand why that is by better understanding themselves. Through a stronger understanding of your Genius Archetype, you can also identify ways to break through the communication barriers that you face with others in business situations. When everyone understands themselves, they can build a 'translation bridge' between different Archetypes to help achieve success." Unlock Inner Genius provides value to people at all levels, teams of all sizes, and individuals looking to better understand themselves, their clients, and their teammates. Find out your Genius Archetype by taking Inner Genius' online quiz. Those interested in reading Unlock Inner Genius can find the book here. To learn more about Inner Genius, visit thegeniusquotient.com.
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About Catherine mattiske

Catherine Mattiske, best known for creating ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient (GQ), is a leading light in the corporate learning and team-building industries. She regularly works with large and small organizations to help team members better understand one another while effectively collaborating and boosting individual and team morale and productivity in the workplace.

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