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customer service excellence 

Delighting your customer and your manager
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Customer Service Excellence combines self-study with realistic workplace activities to build advanced knowledge of customer service principles. In a selling situation it helps to uncover customer needs and sell the value of the product on benefits rather than just price. In a customer service environment this Learning Short-take® helps to listen to the voice of the customer, responding to their stated needs and uncovering their unstated needs.
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What's in the ebook package?

Customer Service Excellence - eBook
  • Part 1:  Introducing Customer Service
  • Part 2:  Customer Service Excellence
  • Part 3:  Understanding Customer Types
  • Part 4:  5-step Customer Service Model 
  • Part 5:  Handling Difficult Customer Encounters
  • Part 6:  Communicating with Customers
Tools & Job Aids
  • Interactive Activity Book containing:
  • Guided Activities
  • Your Personal Learning Journal
  • Skill Development Action Plan
  • Job Aid - Customer Satisfaction Model
  • Job Aid - 5-step Customer Service Model
  • Job Aid - Handling Difficult Customers

104 pages

activity book

free tools
& job aids

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