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Customer service excellence Digital Learning

Build knowledge about providing excellent customer service and then apply your skills to continuously meet and exceed the needs of your customer.

Fuel your confidence for delivering excellent and creative customer service, which will keep your existing customers, attract new customers and help you and your business create a real competitive advantage.
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Based on the book by Catherine Mattiske.

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Customer Satisfaction Model
5-Step Customer Service Model
7-Step Handling Difficult Situations Model

Benefits and immediate results

Customer Service Excellence combines self-study with realistic workplace activities to build advanced knowledge of customer service principles. In a selling situation this Learning Short-take® helps to uncover customer needs and sell the value of the product on benefits rather than just price. In a customer service environment this Learning Short-take® helps to listen to the voice of the customer, responding to their stated needs and uncovering their unstated needs.
  • Define the skills and attributes of an effective customer service professional
  • Explain the Customer Satisfaction Model
  • Identify Customer Types and Customer Needs
  • Implement strategies to retain dissatisfied customers
  • Explain the 5-Step Customer Service Model
  • Use superior communication skills to enhance customer interactions
  • Create your Skill Development Action Plan
Customer Service Excellence helps to identify common threads amongst customer interactions which can be applied to all situations, and also unique situations that often need to be addressed in the moment, without preparation. Learn how to deliver excellent and creative customer service to delight your customers every time!

Program Roadmap

What's Ahead in this Program Journey?
Program roadmap CSE
  Find out what your customers want and give it to them. If you do it again and again you will never have to worry about sales or profit.  


How can you exceed expectations and delight your customers?...
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Customer Service Excellence helps to tune-in to the voice of your customers to uncover and respond to their needs!
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