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creative business thinking 

Developing the skills for thinking outside the box
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Creative Business Thinking includes a library of brilliant creativity tools, fun activities, and challenging business scenarios. These will help to stretch your thinking by deliberately challenging existing perspectives and considering alternative ways of working. Creative Business Thinking is packed with techniques for creative thinking and fun ‘mind quiz’ activities. Creative Business Thinking constructively challenges the status quo to enable new ideas to surface and solve problems in ways that may not initially come to mind.
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What's in the ebook package?

Creative Business Thinking - eBook
  • Part 1:  Creativity Defined
  • Part 2:  Unleash those Creative Forces
  • Part 3:  Personal Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Part 4:  Creative Business Thinking for Groups 
  • Library of Creative Thinking Techniques for Groups
  • Part 5: Mind Quiz Answers
Tools & Job Aids
  • Interactive Activity Book containing:
  • Guided Activities
  • Your Personal Learning Journal
  • Skill Development Action Plan
  • Job Aid - 15 Creativity Techniques for Problem Solving
  • Creative Business Thinking Techniques Wall Chart

124 pages

activity book

free tools
& job aids

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