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Within each of us there exists an infinite capacity for creating ideas and nurturing them through to innovation. Stretch your thinking by consciously examining your existing perspectives and then identify key concepts and techniques to unlock your creative potential.

Identify new and innovative concepts to challenge the status quo, enable new ideas to surface and solve problems in ways that may not initially come to mind.
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Based on the book by Catherine Mattiske.

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Creative Business Thinking - Concepts Summary

Benefits and immediate results

Creative Business Thinking Concepts provides an essential introduction to the definitions, concepts and techniques that underpin creative thinking and innovation. This program illuminates the pathways to established creative thinking techniques that support individuals and groups to constructively challenge the status quo, enable innovative and current ideas to surface and problems to be solved in ways that may not initially come to mind.
  • Undertake a self-assessment in creativity
  • Identify personal and organizational creative contributions
  • Unlock the path to creating thinking and ideas generation
  • Create your skill development action plan
The program includes a library of brilliant creativity tools and mind challenging activities. These activities will help to stretch your thinking by deliberately challenging existing perspectives and considering alternative ways of working. Start unleashing your creative potential today!

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Creative Business Thinking CONCEPTS is a foundation module for other programs in this digital suite:
 Creative Business Thinking 1 Personal Techniques
 Creative Business Thinking 2 Group Techniques
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Program Roadmap

What's Ahead in this Program Journey?
Program roadmap
 Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun 

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How can you stretch your thinking to discover new ideas and solutions?...
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Creative Business Thinking Concepts demonstrates that everyone can unleash their creative potential!
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Program contents

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