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The Great Football Coaches Analogy

Coaching conversations can unlock the incredible potential within people, allowing them to reach new heights and achieve goals they never thought possible. This is a skill that many successful business professionals have honed over time, developing their capacity for unlocking people's Inner Genius through coaching.

In sports, coaches often use powerful communication techniques to bring out the best in their players. American football coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Nick Saban, Jim Harbaugh, Lane Kiffin and Scott Frost are all well-known for the strength of the connections they build with their teams.

These greats understand the importance of unlocking each player's Inner Genius and how to communicate with them in a way they can relate to. By establishing mutual trust and respect between coach and players, these coaches can build a strong sense of synergy within their teams that helps them reach their goals. Doing so creates a positive environment where athletes can thrive and grow to reach their highest potential. It is a powerful technique that all coaches should strive to incorporate into their coaching strategy.

Tapping Into Each Player's Inner Genius

Ultimately, effective communication in sports aims to tap into each player's Inner Genius and use it as a force for positive change on the team. By establishing trust, respect, and synergy between coach and players, coaches can help their teams reach new heights. It is a dynamic process that, when done right, can bring out the best in every player on the team. Achieving this level of communication takes work, but it will be worth it when everyone reaches their potential, and the team functions as one cohesive unit.

By unlocking players' Inner Genius and knowing how to communicate with each player differently, coaches can build strong synergy in the team. This will enable them to achieve great results and reach their goals together as one unified unit.
Professional business coaches use similar techniques to help their clients achieve success. Understanding how to translate the same communication principles in sports coaching to business can help their team members or clients make the necessary changes for sustained growth. Leadership coaching is also an important tool that utilizes these same communication techniques to create a positive environment within organizations and bring out the best in teams. By helping individuals and teams alike reach their highest potential, coaches have the power to make a lasting impact on businesses everywhere. 

In short, with the proper communication techniques, sports coaches can help their players reach their full potential. In contrast, professional business coaches can use these same methods to bring out the best in their clients, direct reports, and teams.

Identify Your True North - What Drives You And Sets You Apart From The Rest

When coaches listen intently to their players, they can guide them along a journey of fulfilling their true potential. Ultimately, this is what is meant by finding your True North in sport—using it as a compass to stay on track in pursuit of personal excellence.
Harbaugh also emphasizes connection in coaching conversations, believing that understanding players on a personal level is the key to unlocking their Inner Genius. He encourages coaches to get to know their players and take the time to identify areas for improvement.

"Certain people, coaches, have a profound, positive outcome on somebody's life."

This idea of finding a True North can be applied to many aspects of life, not just sports. Whether it's an individual looking for direction and clarity or a team searching for a common purpose, each has the potential to discover their own True North. By looking within and exploring what lies beneath, one can uncover their personal motivations and use them as a foundation for success. With this foundation in place, the possibilities of what can be achieved are limitless.
Identifying your True North is the key to unlocking your potential, and it starts with understanding yourself. Every individual has their own unique Inner Genius - a core set of talents, attributes, and motivations that sets them apart from the rest. Finding clarity around these qualities can be difficult, but when you uncover what truly drives you, you unlock purpose-driven behavior that can lead to more tremendous success and fulfillment.
Finding one's True North is a process of self-discovery. It involves uncovering your unique purpose and aligning your life to create meaningful experiences and lasting impact. Your True North is fundamentally linked to the values that are most important to you, and understanding them can be the key to unlocking a future filled with purposeful, fulfilling moments. Knowing your True North is the first step to living a meaningful, authentic life and achieving goals that genuinely resonate with you. It's an empowering journey of self-discovery that can lead to a life of greater satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment. With clarity on your True North, you can confidently pursue opportunities that align with your passions and values and create a life that feels truly yours.

Connect With Your Team On A Deeper Level And Empower Them To Become Their Best Selves

Saban is known for connecting with players on an emotional level – something he's claimed is an essential process for motivating players and fostering synergy within a team.

"Process guarantees success. A good process produces good results."

Business coaching is not just limited to the boardroom. Much like a sports coach, it can unlock each team member's Inner Genius, helping them reach their full potential and create a cohesive unit.

Just look at American Football – teams are carefully crafted with different players playing different roles that ultimately contribute to a greater goal. In the same way, each person in a business environment brings unique knowledge and skills to the table that can be used to create something greater.
Business coaching is about creating an atmosphere of connection with each team member. Getting to know them on a deeper level allows for personalized strategies tailored to their individual goals, strengths, and weaknesses. This will empower them to become their best selves and create a unified team. Unlocking the Inner Genius of each team member enables businesses to reach the highest levels of success by leveraging the unique contributions and talents that everyone brings to the table. That's why business owners and managers must invest in coaching – it can lead to personal growth, increased productivity, and a stronger team. Connecting with your team on a deeper level can help you unlock their Inner Genius and empower them to become the best versions of themselves – which will truly make any business thrive.

Utilize Mattiske's "CLIC" Model For Creating A Culture Of Respect, Trust, And Understanding! 

A culture of respect, trust, and understanding is essential for any organization to be successful. One way to create this type of culture is through Mattiske's Genius Quotient "CLIC" Model. The model stands for Communication, Learning, Influence, and Connection. 

 Mattiske's Genius Quotient "CLIC" Model

Communication is the foundation of the "CLIC" Model

Therefore, understanding how to communicate effectively with each team member is essential to create a culture where respect, trust, and understanding are paramount. This means taking the time to understand each individual's communication style, as well as their needs to foster an environment that is conducive to positive communication.
One way sports coaches communicate effectively is by talking in the language of the players instead of in a language only familiar to the coach. Krzyzewski, for example, speaks to his teams in a way that resonates with them and helps build trust and understanding.

"A leader may be the most knowledgeable person in the world, but if the players on his team cannot translate that knowledge into action, it means nothing."

learning plays a vital role in the "CLIC" Model and can be done through coaching, mentoring, and training

Coaching helps team members better understand their roles and develop new skills that will enable them to succeed. Mentoring allows employees to learn from people with experience in a certain field, providing valuable insights and guidance. Finally, training will enable employees to learn more about their job roles, develop professionally, and activate the organization's policies. 

influence is also an important part of the "CLIC" Model

It is essential to create a culture where team members feel empowered to influence decisions and contribute ideas to help move the organization forward.
Frost similarly believes that understanding the players' perspectives is critical for helping them reach their goals.

"When someone is not playing well it's natural to want to make a change. I've just learned to drown out all the noise and make a decision based on the merits and what each individual kid has earned the right to do."

Finally, Connection is  also an essential part of the "CLIC" Model

Building strong connections with team members helps to develop a culture where respect, trust, and understanding are prioritized. This can be done through team-building activities and recognizing individual accomplishments.
Kiffin also recognizes the importance of connecting with players during coaching conversations. Kiffin has said that influencing his players instead of dictating to them can help bring out their individual talents. Frost similarly believes that understanding the players' perspectives is critical for helping them reach their goals.

"I always try to find better ways to do things. Whether it's a game plan, a practice, a meeting, an interview, whatever it is. I'm going to find a way to find a way to analyze it and find a better way to do it. That's my mindset. I've never been satisfied with anything. That's just my mindset. I'm always trying to find a better way to do things."

By utilizing Mattiske's Genius Quotient "CLIC" Model, organizations can create a culture of respect, trust, and understanding that is essential for success. Through effective communication, learning opportunities, influence, and connection building, organizations can ensure their teams work harmoniously.

Create A Winning Game Plan - Develop An Effective Strategy To Get Results Fast!

A coach or leader must have an effective game plan to get results fast. That's why unlocking each team member's individual Genius Quotient (GQ) is essential. This can be done through their Inner Genius Profile, which helps you understand their strengths and weaknesses to leverage them for the best possible outcomes.

Once you have a feel for each team member's GQ, it's time to analyze the GQ Team Map. This is where you can see how the team dynamics are playing out and identify any areas that need improvement. It will also help you understand what combination of skills and abilities will create the most effective synergy and provide optimal results in the quickest time.
Each member must unlock their own Inner Genius Archetype for teams to succeed by completing their Inner Genius Profile. There are twelve different Archetypes. For leaders and professional coaches alike, this will help create a balanced team with all the necessary skills needed for success.
Each member must unlock their own Inner Genius Archetype for teams to succeed by completing their Inner Genius Profile. There are twelve different Archetypes. For leaders and professional coaches alike, this will help create a balanced team with all the necessary skills needed for success.
Each Archetype brings something different to the table; for example, The Energizer is decisive, inspiring, and goal-oriented. The Mason is organized, productive, and diligent. The Catalyst problem-solves by connecting and collaborating with others, while The Futurist dreams big, imagining possibilities that others don't see. Each GQ Archetype has unique strengths, so choosing the right blend of Archetypes for your team's goals is essential.
What's your archetype?

Once you have analyzed who is on your team, it is time to develop a strategy to get results fast. This involves creating measurable goals and identifying key objectives and techniques that will help reach those goals. It is also vital to ensure that each team member operates in their own Genius Zone – where they can achieve the most success.

When you have a winning game plan tailored to each team member's Genius Quotient and a well-developed Team Map, you can rest assured that your team will be set up for success! You'll be celebrating like the Kansas City Chiefs and taking the accolades like their coach Andy Reid. When asked how he celebrated, Reid said:

"I'm going to get the biggest cheeseburger you've ever seen. I'm going to find the biggest one. It might be a double!"

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