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Jul 24 / Catherine Mattiske

The Secret to Improving Communication Between Couples 

We all know that communication is essential in any relationship, but it's especially important for couples. Without effective communication, two people can easily find themselves on different pages and have difficulty understanding one another. Fortunately, there is a way to bridge the gap between partners and gain insight into each other's communication styles.

The Impact Of Poor Communication On Relationships

Good communication in relationships is vital to having a healthy, successful connection. When two people communicate effectively, they can better understand one another and resolve conflicts more easily. Unfortunately, not all couples have this type of dynamic. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings that create tension and conflict, which can cause severe damage to the relationship if left unresolved.

When it comes to communicating with your partner, it's essential to be aware of each other's needs and feelings and how you express them. Couples often find themselves in disagreements because they cannot properly articulate their thoughts and emotions. They may also struggle with using respectful language when things get heated or expressing themselves clearly enough for their partner to comprehend.

Moreover, couples may inadvertently create communication barriers by using phrases such as "you always" or "you never" when discussing disagreements. These kinds of statements can damage relationships because they make the other person feel attacked and judged for something they have done in the past rather than focusing on the current issue at hand.

When communication breaks down between partners, it can lead to feelings of resentment, frustration, and even anger. It can also cause one partner to distance themselves from the other or shut down emotionally if they don't feel like their concerns are being heard or considered. In some cases, this can result in a physical separation between two people due to an inability to maintain a healthy relationship.

Improve Couple Communication Instantly

Thankfully, there is a way to improve communication between couples and gain insight into each other's communication styles. The Inner Genius Profile is an online assessment designed to uncover your unique mental skills so that you can tap into a powerful source of personal growth. This cutting-edge neuroscience research helps people identify and understand their mental patterns to communicate more effectively.

What is the GQ profile?


Uncovering Their Inner Genius Transformed Ethan and Lisa's Relationship

Lis and Ethan had been together for four years but found themselves in constant conflict. Their disagreements seemed to escalate quickly, making them both feel frustrated and upset. They felt their concerns weren't being heard or considered by the other person, which only made things worse.

Ethan and Lisa tried going to marriage counseling, but despite spending over $1000, they didn't get far. The counselor wasn't able to help them understand why their communication was so strained or how to fix it. Frustrated and feeling hopeless, they decided to look for other solutions online.
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 Suddenly, the penny dropped with them. It was like they were both speaking completely different languages. 

One day...

Ethan came across the Inner Genius Profile, read about a new scientific approach to solving communication problems, and decided it was worth a try. After completing the assessment, he saw how unlocking his Inner Genius could help him become a better communicator with Lisa. He immediately shared what he learned with Lisa, who completed her profile soon after.

Ethan’s Inner Genius Archetype was The Explorer, meaning that he loved adventure and change, and always looked for new ways to live life to the fullest. By contrast, Lisa’s Archetype was The Cartographer, which made sense as she was practical, methodical, and focused on maintaining a structured and organized home.

Suddenly, the penny dropped with them. It was like they were both speaking completely different languages. They had completely different communication styles and the reason for a gap in their relationship was discovered. Yet, Lisa loved Ethan’s passion for life, and Ethan loved Lisa’s practical nature. They say opposites attract – this was Lisa and Ethan!

When they got access to the Inner Genius Toolkit, Ethan and Lisa were amazed at all its resources. They decided to explore the materials together to better understand each other's communication styles and learn how to interact more effectively. 

With the guidance of the Inner Genius Toolkit, they were able to recognize when one partner was feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and respond in a supportive manner, in a way that best resonated with their communication style. This helped them keep their conversations on track, allowing both parties to be heard without having to resort to argumentative tactics or angry outbursts.

After a few weeks of exploring the Inner Genius Toolkit and learning about each other's communication styles, Ethan and Lisa began to develop a deeper level of trust and understanding between them. As they continued communicating more productively, they felt that their relationship was growing stronger than ever before. 

Ethan and Lisa improved their communication by Unlocking their Inner Genius and gaining insight into how their brains work. With the help of the Inner Genius Toolkit, they now have a strong foundation for future conversations and are growing closer every day.

Inner Genius Toolkit for yourself and your partner


How Does Using The Latest Neuroscience Help Couples Communicate?

Ultimately, taking the Inner Genius Profile is an excellent way for couples to gain insight into how their brains work and become better communicators to foster healthier relationships. By exploring the resources offered by the Inner Genius Toolkit together, couples can learn more about each other's communication styles and recognize when one partner is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. This will lead to improved communication between them as well as more profound levels of trust and understanding. So, if you're looking for a way to strengthen your relationship and improve communication between you and your partner, consider taking the Inner Genius Profile today!

Overcome relationship misunderstandings - The Benefits of Unlocking Your Inner Genius 

For couples, unlocking their Inner Genius, offers a number of exciting benefits. By understanding each other's communication styles, partners can cultivate a deeper level of trust and understanding between them. Additionally, they can learn how to better communicate with one another in difficult times by developing more effective strategies for conflict resolution.

Moreover, accessing the Inner Genius Toolkit together helps build a strong foundation for future conversations since both parties will know what makes the other person tick. Partners can explore new avenues for dialogue that may not have been explored before and open up new possibilities for growth in their relationship. 

With the Inner Genius Toolkit, couples get access to exclusive privileges such as the Inner Genius Vault, which offers personal materials tailored to their Archetype, and the GQ Academy, with free training programs, a library of resources, advanced training programs, and more. 

The Inner Genius Toolkit also contains an Inner Genius Wheel – a Communication Canvas tool; Alexa Skills daily skills for your Archetype; Spotify Playlist curated for your Archetype; Unlock Inner Genius – the entire book by Catherine Mattiske; and Archetype Emoji with instructions for use.

Furthermore, the Inner Genius Toolkit provides couples insight into their partner's communication style. It helps them understand the best way to interact and communicate with one another. By uncovering the unique patterns in each person's brain, they can learn how to better recognize when someone is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and find ways to respond in a supportive manner. This can help reduce arguments and disagreements between two people and build stronger connections through more effective communication.


Ultimately, taking the Inner Genius Profile and unlocking the Inner Genius Toolkit is a great way for couples to better understand themselves and their partner. By gaining insight into how their brains work, both partners can learn how to communicate more effectively and build stronger, healthier relationships. With this understanding of each other's communication style, couples can start communicating more productively, which will only lead to positive results in the long run.

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