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Jan 16 / Catherine Mattiske
Every human on Earth processes information differently while using that information to learn and communicate with others. The unique process, known as an individual's Inner Genius, allows them to connect with everything around them in a particular way.

However, because each person processes things differently and has a specific way of learning, storing information, and communicating, humans often struggle to communicate with one another effectively.

The Inner Genius Archetype (Mattiske 2021) a concept that at its core represents a visual depiction of the genius that exists within us all. This innate wisdom transcends time and space, forming the backbone of ancient transcendental belief systems like Hermeticism and astrology. But what is the history behind this fascinating subject? How do these symbols represent our own inner strengths and areas for development? In this blog post we'll explore the roots of the Inner Genius Archetype by delving into a few - ultimately gaining insight into why their own Inner Genius Archetype symbol resonates with so many people today!
Historical symbols

Importance of symbols in history

Symbols have been a part of our history since the dawn of their discovery. From cave drawings to the flags that now represent nations and countries, symbols are ubiquitous elements used to convey important messages and inspire us throughout time. Symbols can tell stories, evoke emotions, or even bond people together. As success seekers in today's world, recognizing the importance of these symbols is critical if we want to move forward with confidence into our futures.
Symbols have existed for thousands of years and were commonly created to represent something specific, such as a person's idea. Rather than sharing these ideas using words, they would draw symbols to express the ideas, often etching the characters in stone. Because symbolism has existed on this planet for thousands of years, it is evident that our brains see the symbols and interpret them in a specific way with great understanding.

Everyday Symbols in Our Society

Everyday symbols
Everyday symbols play an integral role in society, both physical and digital. From stop signs indicating when to stop on a journey to the infinite scroll of social media inducing us to keep searching for content - these symbols have become part of modern life and are hard to ignore. Whether it's corporate logos we come across every day when walking down the street or trending topics broadcasted around the world on our devices, symbols play a powerful role in communicating culture, values, and beliefs within our global community. Every symbol holds the power of meaning and intrigue, which motivates us to interpret their significance in our lives. We continue to encounter thousands of symbols each day that we've grown accustomed to and can relate to because our mind processes them much faster than words.
Understanding the Inner Genius Archetypes is a critical step in accessing the Genius Zone, a place where our highest potential and creativity is unlocked. To assist everyone on this journey, we developed symbols to represent these Inner Geniuses. These symbols are like gateways that provide guidance and insight through their connection with certain states of consciousness. In doing so, we can more easily understand and access deeper layers of creativity, wisdom, and new possibilities from within. Each Inner Genius Archetype Symbol contains messages and a story that unite us with our true purpose - all it takes is a little exploration!
12 Archetypes

Understanding the 12 Inner Genius Archetypes and the Symbols Behind Them

Because symbols have such an impact on humans and have for centuries, the development of the 12 Inner Genius Archetypes is a revolutionary approach used to describe the different types of Inner Genius that humans have. Each Archetype has a unique and powerful symbol that visually explains its meaning and what it represents. The symbols exist to provide individuals with a greater understanding of what their Archetype means.
Archetype in action The Decrypter

Archetypes in Action – Example – The Decrypter

The Decrypter is one of the 12 Inner Genius Archetypes. Decrypters are people who can look at complex problems and find simple solutions, deciphering otherwise hidden meanings and unveiling new possibilities. 
The Inner Genius Archetype Symbol for The Decrypter is depicted by the eye and the key representing the vision to unlock problems.
The Decrypter has an intuitive sense for connecting to others and uncovering secrets and have innovative ways of looking at problems. They have an innate ability to see what lies beneath the surface and gain insight into things that others might not. They can take seemingly disparate pieces of data and find connections between them, revealing powerful insights and creating new paths for exploration. The Decrypter is a master at uncovering creative solutions to problems, making them invaluable in problem-solving settings. With their impressive ability to uncover hidden knowledge and make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, the Decrypter is an invaluable asset in any situation.

Why is The Decrypter a valuable member of a team

The Decrypter is also a valuable member of the team because of their analytical and logical skills. They can take a complex problem and break it down into manageable parts, allowing them to develop creative solutions that often surprise even the most experienced problem-solvers. The Decrypter has an impressive ability to think outside of the box and come up with creative solutions that would otherwise be overlooked. They are also able to quickly identify potential flaws in a plan and suggest ways to improve it, making them valuable assets for any organization. 

Meet Jack – The Decrypter

  • Jack works in an engineering firm where he is constantly presented with challenging problems to solve. He was the one everyone went to when they were stuck, as he had an amazing ability to take a seemingly impossible problem and find a simple solution. His colleagues would come to him with business challenges, and Jack could always figure out the answer in no time. 
  • His boss realized his talents, and soon Jack was given even more notable projects that required him to think outside the box and develop creative solutions. Again, Jack was in his element, as he loved taking a complex problem and breaking it down into manageable parts, allowing him to create innovative ideas. In addition, he was always able to identify potential flaws in plans. With his collaborative style, he suggested improvements that his colleagues had never thought of. 
  • Jack's story inspires all those who possess the Inner Genius Archetype - The Decrypter. He is a reminder of the potential we all have to uncover hidden knowledge and find creative solutions to complex problems. With determination and focus, we can all unlock our Inner Genius just like Jack did. 
The Narrator

Archetypes in Action – Example – The Narrator

The Narrator Archetype is one of the 12 Archetypes defined by Inner Genius. Represented by an owl within a circle, this Archetype Symbol perfectly captures the wisdom and vision of those who fall within this category. For example, people with The Narrator Archetype are incredibly open-minded and willing to listen to others and absorb their ideas. They possess drive and ambition, allowing them to achieve great goals, usually less by sheer force than by inspiring those around them. In this way, The Narrator can reach their "Genius Zone," a place where they can create their best work with the support of communities full of different perspectives. For The Narrator, entering this zone is only possible when they approach knowledge with openness and eagerness, ready to hear and learn what others have to say.
The Energizer

Archetypes in Action – Example – The Energizer 

The Energizer is the Archetype symbol that represents their Inner Genius and their doorway to their Genius Zone. Represented by lips with a power plug designed to look like a blossoming flower, the Energizer stands for those who are optimistic, energetic, and inspired to bring about positive change in the world when collaborating with family, friends, and team members. With abundant energy, unbound determination, and a drive to achieve unity, this individual displays immense potential for greatness that uplifts those around them. The Energizer stands out as an icon of anyone who works diligently towards building collective success for any cause or project.

Why is The energizer a valuable member of a team

The Energizer is a valuable and powerful member of any team. This vibrant Archetype of The Energizer are hopefuls, optimists, and collaborative people with an inspiring attitude of unity. Through their can-do attitude, The Energizers strive for positive change as well as invite motivation to all those around them. Their electrifying presence sparks life into each project and keeps ideas creative and innovative, which in turn results in fruitful outcomes. Truly remarkable!
12 Archetypes download
We all have an Inner Genius, and this eBook will help you understand the history and meaning of the Archetypes associated with it. 

Improving Communication with the 12 Inner Genius Archetypes

Are you an aspiring professional looking to improve your communication and unlock the potential within? Unlocking that potential starts with understanding the Archetypal profile of your inner genius, which can help you gain clarity, discernment, and insight around how best to express yourself – and get into your Genius Zone. By learning more about these 12 Inner Genius Archetypes - their traits, strengths, weaknesses, and language patterns - you'll recognize when they are out of balance inside you and other people. With this knowledge as a guide, your communication will become as clear as day!
While one person may believe they are expressing themselves coherently, another may not understand what they are saying, quickly leading to confusion and frustration. When this happens in a business environment, it can negatively impact productivity rates and keep employee morale at an all-time low.
The 12 Inner Genius Archetypes are a set of archetypal energies within each individual. These Archetypes help us gain insight into how we prefer to learn, tap into our inner genius, connect and communicate better with others and ultimately supercharge our influence and motivation. By understanding the unique qualities of each Inner Genius Archetype, we can better understand ourselves and make more informed decisions about how to approach life.
The Inner Genius Profile is an online questionnaire that determines your Archetype. Each Archetype represents the different ways that people learn, process information, and communicate with others. When individuals know their Inner Genius Archetype, they can accelerate the learning process, become passionate problem solvers, improve how they communicate with others, and experience personal development that leads to tremendous success.

In Conclusion

We all have an Inner Genius - it is up to us whether we choose to listen to its voice or not. Our relationship with our Inner Genius is represented by the different Archetype Symbols and the story of your symbol. These symbols give us a glimpse into the traits and preferences of each Archetype. They also offer inspiration for overcoming our own challenges and achieving our impossible goals. Most importantly, your Archetype symbol is a visual reminder of how to access your Genius Zone. As you embark on your journey to greatness, let your Inner Genius be your guide and reach for the stars!
About Catherine

About Catherine mattiske

Catherine Mattiske, best known for creating ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient (GQ), is a leading light in the corporate learning and team-building industries. She regularly works with large and small organizations to help team members better understand one another while effectively collaborating and boosting individual and team morale and productivity in the workplace.

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