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Nov 7 / Catherine Mattiske
If you want to be successful, you need to be in an influence mindset. Most people think this means having a lot of power or authority, but that's not necessarily the case. There are many ways to be influential, and it's all about using your strengths and abilities to affect change.

What's the benefit of having an Influence Mindset?

When it comes to success in any field, having the ability to influence others can be a significant asset. In a professional environment, this is no different. Those who can effectively communicate and persuade those around them are more likely to achieve their goals.

A number of benefits come with being able to influence others in a professional environment. First, it allows you to get your ideas across more effectively. If you can convince others of the merits of your thoughts, you are more likely to implement them successfully. Additionally, influencing others can help you build better relationships with your colleagues. Those who feel they can trust and respect your opinion are more likely to support your work. Finally, persuasive individuals tend to be more successful in negotiations. If you can convince others to see things your way, you are more likely to get what you want in any given situation.

Overall, influencing others is a valuable skill in any professional setting. Those who can be persuasive tend to be more successful in achieving their goals. If you want to be more influential in your career, focus on honing your communication and negotiation skills. With practice, you can learn to effectively influence those around you and reach new levels of success.

Casey's Silent Voice

Casey had always struggled to get her voice heard at work. Her ideas were often ignored or shot down by her colleagues. She felt like she was holding her career back by not being able to effectively communicate with others.

One day, she decided to take a different approach. She unlocked her Inner Genius and used the tools to communicate more effectively. Suddenly, her colleagues started paying attention to what she had to say and were more willing to work together on projects. As a result, Casey was finally able to make a real impact at work!

How Social Media Influencers Can Help Us Become Better Business Influencers

In today's business world, it's all about influence. And one of the best ways to build influence is by studying the strategies of social media influencers. After all, these are the people who have mastered the art of building an engaged following and using that following to drive positive change.

Here are three ways we can use the strategies of social media influencers to become better business influencers:

1. By Understanding What Makes Them Tick
The first step to becoming a better business influencer is to understand what makes social media influencers tick. What drives them to succeed? What motivates them to keep going, even when the going gets tough? When you know the answers to these questions, you can start to apply those same principles to your own business endeavors.

2. By Leveraging Their Authenticity
One of the things that makes social media influencers so successful is their authenticity. They are genuine and relatable, two qualities that are essential for any good leader. You can leverage this same authenticity in your own quest to become a better business influencer. Be yourself and don't try to be someone you're not. Your followers will appreciate your honesty and will be more likely to trust you as a result.

3. By Learning From Their Mistakes
No one is perfect, not even social media influencers. But what sets them apart from the rest is their willingness to learn from their mistakes. When they make a mistake, they own up to it and take steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again in the future. We can all learn from this example by being humble enough to admit when we've made a mistake and by being proactive in our efforts to correct it.

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7 Ways to Harness Your Influence Mindset

So how can you get into an influence mindset? We can learn from social media influencers and how their strategies translate to the business environment. Here are some tips:

1. Define Your Why
Before you can become an influencer, you need to define your why. Why do you want to be an influencer? What are your goals? What can you offer that others cannot? When you clearly understand your why, it will be much easier to develop a plan and take action.

2. Develop a Plan
Once you have defined your why, it's time to develop a plan. For example, what kind of content will you create? Who is your target audience? How often will you post? At work, how often do you want to be seen communicating about projects, initiatives, ideas and more? Answering these questions will help you to develop a strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals.

3. Create Compelling Content
If you want to be an influencer (at work, at home, or in general life), you must create compelling and exciting content. This means making informative, entertaining, and engaging content – even if it's a business proposal, new idea for a project, or communicating with friends and family. Remember, people follow influencers because they find value in their content. People will be more likely to listen to you if you provide value.

4. Be Consistent
It's essential to be consistent when creating content. This means communicating regularly and delivering value every time. When people see that you are consistent with reporting, sharing progress, posting ideas, contributing to group chat channels, or being present at town hall meetings and training programs, they will get to know you, and in turn be more likely to trust you and follow your work.

5. Engage With Others
Engaging with others in your field is vital to building influence. This means commenting on other people's work and participating in online discussions. At work, this might include being active on Slack channels, collaborating with others on projects, and reaching out across silos to employees in other areas of the business. By engaging with others, you will build relationships and expand your reach.

6. Build Your Platform
To reach more people, it's essential to build a platform for your work. Just like social media influencers do this, we can do this in a business setting as well. This can be done by starting a blog or website, creating group accounts, or starting a private business blog. The more places your work appears, the more people will see it and the more influential you will become.

7. Promote Yourself
We all know that social media influencers are the kings and queen of self-promotion. In business, you can harness your influence mindset and promote yourself and your work. This means sharing your work on group channels, keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date, submitting news to your corporate communications team for them to share it with the broader organization, enter external awards, or telling everyone you know about what you do. The more people who know about you and your work, the more likely they are to follow you and in turn you'll become more influential.

How can you boost your Influence Mindset? Get into your Genius Zone!

It's been said that we are all connected, and that what we believe affects us and those around us. So if we want to get into our Genius Zone, it stands to reason that we need to believe in our ability to influence others.

Think about it this way: If you don't believe you can learn, you won't even try. And if you don't believe you can connect with others, you'll never reach out. But if you truly believe in your ability to communicate and make a difference, you'll find a way to do it.
The bottom line is that our beliefs shape our reality. So if we want to create a world where we can all reach our full potential, it starts with believing that we can make a difference. When we do, we open up the possibility for greatness.

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The Untapped Potential of Harnessing Your Influence Mindset

What does the future hold for those of us with an influence mindset? It's impossible to say for sure, but we can be confident that it holds great things.

As more and more people begin to unlock their Inner Genius and embrace their power to influence others, the world will become a more positive and productive place. We will see more innovation, more collaboration, and more progress.

So what can you do to help make this happen? Continue to develop your Inner Genius and share your gifts with the world. Be a force for good in whatever way you can. And above all, never give up on your dreams. The future is waiting for you to create it.

Reflection Questions to Ask yourself – How's My Influence Mindset Tracking?

  • What are some techniques that you use to get into an influence mindset?
  • How do you know when you're in an influence mindset?
  • What are some habits or things you do to stay in an influence mindset throughout the day?
  • Are there any people that you look up to within the field of influence? If so, why?
  • What was one of the most challenging situations you've ever faced when trying to be influential?

In Conclusion

So how do you get into an influence mindset? The first step is to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses. You can do this by taking the Inner Genius Profile, an online profile that will help you identify your natural talents. Once you know what your Inner Genius is, you can start working on developing the skills associated with it. This may involve reading books, attending courses on the topic, or simply practicing and honing your skills regularly. As you build up these skills, keep in mind the principles of influence we've outlined in this article. When you put all of these together – by unlocking your Inner Genius plus your understanding of how people think – you'll be well on your way to becoming a powerful influencer in any area of life.
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