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Transform Your Communication style: Tips from Expert Catherine Mattiske

Jayce Grayye in conversation with Catherine Mattiske

Discover the Inner Genius within you and transform how you communicate with other people!

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About this GQ audio Room

Join Catherine Mattiske, a leading expert in communication, to give you fresh insights into your Inner Genius, helping you enhance all forms of communication.
Throughout the live session, Catherine will be discussing how to embrace differences in communication style, how to articulate your thoughts effectively, and how to foster meaningful relationships with others who may have different communication styles than you. You'll come away armed with powerful tips on discovering and tapping into your Genius Zone so that you can confidently express your ideas, collaborate with others, and create deeper connections with those around you.

Catherine provides practical tips and tools to help you discover the Inner Genius within you, and transform how you communicate with other people

- Uncover your Inner Genius and the ways in which it can transform how you communicate
- Identify communication styles of others to enhance collaboration
- Explore real-world tips on expressing yourself with clarity and confidence
- Connect with other participants who share different communication styles than you

Be inspired and connect with your inner genius today!

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