How to Motivate Employees

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There are many things you can do to keep your team excited and motivated. So what’s the best approach to do that? Here are ways you can use to motivate employees.
Nearly everyone can benefit from a bit of motivation once in a while. When it comes to motivating employees, however, it can be tricky because what works for one person might not work for another. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your team excited and motivated. So what’s the best approach to do that? According to experts, here are ways you can use to motivate employees.

Tips from Catherine Mattiske, CEO and Founder ID9 Intelligent Design I Author "Unlock Inner Genius"

Tap into how they like to receive information

Everyone has a unique preference for taking in and processing information.  Tapping into how your team learns and getting each employee working in their “Genius Zone” is a quickfire way to connect with them and get them to spark new ideas and take ownership of projects.

Build meaning and connection

Employees need to feel connected to the business, its product or services, team, and leadership.  At each meeting, add something that adds the “why” to illustrate how each employee is: 

  • solving problems for customers, 
  • connecting to their community, and
  • working for a higher purpose.

Ensure that employees know how their work contributes to the overall company goal. 

Buzz-off the corporate-speak

Do you talk bandwidth, pivot, taking things offline, mindshare, mission-critical, monetize, next level, blah blah?  Motivate your employees with four powerful questions that put them in the driver’s seat to inspire and deliver results. Instead, ask your team: 

  1. What’s your experience with this?     
  2. What are the facts?    
  3. How does it work?    
  4. What are the possibilities?

Look for influencing opportunities

Each employee has the potential to influence their peers, customers, and leader - but only when they are given the opportunity.  There is a sense of achievement when people take action. As a leader, you can influence potential influencers - i.e., your employees. 

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Provide opportunities to celebrate successes when they achieve goals, set activities that create interest or desire, allow them to try out new ideas, and provide constant inquiry and stretches. 

original article published on

10 AUG 2022
About Catherine

About Catherine mattiske

Catherine Mattiske, best known for creating ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient (GQ), is a leading light in the corporate learning and team-building industries. She regularly works with large and small organizations to help team members better understand one another while effectively collaborating and boosting individual and team morale and productivity in the workplace.

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