Catherine Mattiske's Book, Unlock Inner Genius, Offers a Programmatic guide on Learning for Parents of Students

by Catherine Mattiske · 4 min read
 30 AUG 2021
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Children don't come with instructions. Understand how your child prefers to collect, process, and communicate information. Support them with the strategies and tactics they need to unlock their learning.

Unlock Inner Genius provides tools to grasp how we like to learn and how to learn faster. It offers practical tips and strategies to help students and families immediately.

The last twelve months have taught us many things. We can no longer take what we know and apply it differently. We need to re-calibrate the way we learn. This year is different. Back to school is more complicated. We are usually refreshed and energized, ready at the start of the school year. Right now, the truth is our tanks are running low as we navigate our way to find the new 'normal.'
We have good news! Catherine Mattiske has transformed 25 years of smarts from training large corporate teams worldwide and is launching them in a way that we can use them with our families.
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"We generally know how learning works and how information retention can be fortified in the world today. What we don't know is that every brain is unique and different, with special preferences that can help or hinder the retention of information," said Catherine Mattiske." This book challenges readers to dive much deeper into the process of learning, so they can unlock their potential for peak thinking, performance, and success."

The new book, Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success, gives you tips and tricks to immediately change your child's learning. Explore ways to fuel your child's Inner Genius for sustained learning performance. "The book gives you the ultimate five-step action plan that helps every parent get started today – not tomorrow," concluded Catherine.

Discover your Inner Genius Archetype by taking your Inner Genius Profile HERE. Knowing your Inner Genius will unlock a world of resources that you can immediately help your child learn. At the same time, it will improve the way your family connects.

"Rethinking, relearning, collaboration, and communication have become essential skills for career success in the 21st Century.  Timely, the book "Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success" offers a science-backed roadmap and programmatic guide on accelerating learning agility and communication efficacy.  With mastery of 12 Inner Genius Archetypes, you unlock your own and others' unique learning preferences and strengths; and build trust-based relationships with people different from you through effective" communications. "   Donald Fan, Senior Director, Walmart Inc USA  

Children don't come with instructions. Understand how your child prefers to collect, process, and communicate information. Support them with the strategies and tactics they need to unlock their learning. Give them the words they need every day to make this school year their best year yet!

about inner genius

The way you collect, process, learn and communicate information is exclusive to you. It's your unique Inner Genius: the filter through which you connect with the world. International business educator Catherine Mattiske awards you the keys to unlocking your Inner Genius. Catherine has transformed 25 years of industry-leading intelligence into practical everyday tools. First, use the Inner Genius tools immediately to improve your communication with your family, colleagues, team, and community. Then, use the Inner Genius roadmaps to navigate your path to ultimate success. Discover your Inner Genius at to unlock your child's learning and improve the way you connect with your family.  
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About Catherine mattiske

Catherine Mattiske, best known for creating ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient (GQ), is a leading light in the corporate learning and team-building industries. She regularly works with large and small organizations to help team members better understand one another while effectively collaborating and boosting individual and team morale and productivity in the workplace.

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