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training activities that work

Increase Interaction to Engage, Learn and Inspire | Volume 1
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Training Activities That Work provides a library of 127 pre- during- and post-course training activity ideas, ready for you to use or adapt to meet your requirements. Catherine Mattiske and her team of co-authors have used their combined training experience of more than 100 years to help you to achieve training SUCCESS.

Designed for corporate trainers, professional facilitators and instructional designers, Training Activities that Work is a trainer’s toolkit essential! Use it as a reference tool, focus on specific chapters of interest, or read it from start to finish - the choice is yours.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to bookmark all the ideas you like and dive right in!

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What's inside?

Powered by ID9® Intelligent Design, every chapter is filled with tried and tested training activities that are grounded in adult learning principles, to engage all adult learning types, styles and preferences.
  • Chapter 1:   Pre-Course Activities for Participants
  • Chapter 2:   During Course: Learning Activities
  • Chapter 3:   During Course: Mini Review Activities
  • Chapter 4:   During Course: Review Activities - Post-Lunch
  • Chapter 5:   During Course: Review Activities - End of Day / Start of Day
  • Chapter 6:   During Course:Review Activities - End of Course
  • Chapter 7:   Bridging Tasks for Participants- Learning and Review Activities
  • Chapter 8:   Post-Course Tasks for Participants- Application of Learning Activities
  • Chapter 9:   Supporting the Learning - Activities for Managers and Trainers
  • Chapter 10: Adult Learning Base Process Reference Guide
  • Appendix A: Theoretical Research Reference
  • Appendix B: Constructivism Terms, Theories and Models


368 pages

127 ready-to-use
Training Activities



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Table of Contents | About Catherine Mattiske and her Co-Authors  | Conducting Learning & Review Activities | 3 Example Activities | Index

reviews by readers

sheryl A, portland

a powerful resource for every training professional
  Soooo many great ideas here, based on solid research and years and years of experience by all the authors. These ladies get it!! As I'm reading, I'm coming up with ideas to integrate into some existing programs as well as a new program I'm creating. They truly provide you with everything you need to integrate a very solid learning or review activity into any program. I've worked with Catherine Mattiske before and her ID9 model is a game changer for sure. This book takes it all to a new level with more of Catherine's insight as well as 8 other knowledgeable practitioners. I've only owned it a week and there is highlighter and post it notes throughout!!!  

shiny reviewer

A good tool to have in your training tool box
 There is a lot of information in this book and it is well organized- grouped by the phases of training design and delivery. Some of the activities may appeal to you, some may not, but there is enough variety that most anyone can find something useful. I would have liked more focus on activities for virtual training and eLearning development, ut perhaps this is why this is Volume 1.  

dana thomas

Simple format - fabulous ideas! An easy read!
 This book is a wonderful reference tool for the instructional designer. Coming up with fun activities for adult learners can be difficult. This book follows a very simple format which can easily be referenced and reviewed to find the right activity which will meet your learning objective. I appreciate the variety of activities to meet different learning objectives. Also, as a very busy person with a limited attention span I appreciated the concise, well organized and brief explanations of each activity. It allows me to pick the book up - peruse quickly for an idea and then move on in my training development.

This book was written by real life instructional designers and they included activities they use! This isn't theory - it's practical, timely, effective and easily implemented tips!!

Easy read. Simple format. AWESOME activities. Can't wait to see if they will come out with another book!   

janet B.

An incredibly useful tool
 Having worked in business for many years and considered training staff to be essential to success within the recruitment business. I just wish that this book was available then. It is an essential tool that will only enhance the performance and creativeness within any company. It is important to keep staff stimulated and excited and this book offers it all.

Well done to Catherine and her team of special people for coming up with a book that actually does what it says.  

sophia stewart

Great Resource
 This book is so well organized and it contains all of the tools and information needed to interject activities into your training sessions! I have a department made up of both less experienced, new trainers and seasoned trainers with diverse backgrounds and this book is a hit with the entire team. Thank you to you Catherine and to your talented team for another great resource!  

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