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High Performance Learning

Creating effective high performance learners
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High Performance Learning is written for managers and training professionals. This book assists managers in ensuring that your team gets the most out of internal and external training courses and e-learning programs to help meet your personal, team and organizational goals. It provides managers with an understanding of their role in the training process and how they can ensure that team members apply what they have learned after training.
For learning and development professionals, High Performance Learning explores strategies to engage managers and key stakeholders with participants throughout the entire learning process – all with minimal effort for you and the manager!
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What's in the ebook package?

High Performance Learning - eBook
  • Part 1:  The Managers Role in Learning & Development
  • Part 2:  Mattiske’s High Performance Learning Model™
  • Part 3:  Providing Support & Influencing Motivation
  • Part 4:  Coaching Learners to High Performance
  • Part 5:  Motivating & Supporting Learners completing Learning Short-takes®
  • Part 6:  Managing Learning Short-takes® - A Step-by-step Guide
Tools & Job Aids
  • Interactive Activity Book containing:
  • Guided Activities
  • Your Personal Learning Journal
  • Skill Development Action Plan
  • Pre-Learning Short-take® Manager Conversation Tool
  • Post-Learning Short-take® Manager Conversation Tool

136 pages

activity book

free tools
& job aids

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