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Adult Learning Principles 2 

Blending interaction with measurement
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Adult Learning Principles 2 combines self-study with realistic workplace activities to develop skills in learning interaction and measurement. Building on Adult Learning Principles 1, this Learning Short-take® explores common myths around learning measurement. For trainers, educators, facilitators and managers the library of training activities will allow you to develop new and innovative strategies to assess learning during workshops, training programs and e-Learning sessions.
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What's in the ebook package?

Adult Learning Principles 2 - eBook
  • Part 1:  The Importance of ROI (Return on Investment) in Training
  • Part 2:  Common Myths About Measuring Training
  • Part 3:  Kirkpatrick's Learning Evaluation Model
  • Part 4:  Measuring through Review 
  • Part 5:  Bringing it Together
Tools & Job Aids
  • Interactive Activity Book containing:
  • Guided Activities
  • Your Personal Learning Journal
  • Skill Development Action Plan
  • Tool - Training Review Analysis

108 pages

activity book

free tools
& job aids

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