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Build knowledge about modern sales processes based on the development of trust, rapport and empathy, and provide appropriate sales solutions that lead to ongoing customer satisfaction.

Fuel your confidence for developing strategies to foster key relationships, understand customer needs, and build a long-term commitment that ensures high levels of repeat business, new business and referrals from satisfied customers.
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Based on the book by Catherine Mattiske.

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Relationship Selling
The Changing Face of Selling - A Summary

Benefits and immediate results

Relationship selling is based on the premise that the best source of new business is through existing customers and referrals from existing customers. This approach requires a long-term commitment to providing ongoing customer satisfaction, rather than just a short-term focus on making sales. Understanding Relationship Selling combines self-study with realistic workplace activities to develop skills in understanding the value of building relationships with your customers to facilitate repeat business and achieve referral.
  • Define relationship selling and identify the different approaches to selling
  • Recognize the evolution of the selling function and progression of the supplier-customer relationship
  • Identify the steps in the relationship selling process
  • Define the principles of relationship selling
  • Recognize relationship building and breaking actions
  • List tips for turning relationship breakers into a positive part of the sales process
  • Select tips to improve relationships with your customers
  • Create your skill development action plan
Understanding Relationship Selling guides you in evaluating your own approach to selling, and help you develop new and innovative strategies to foster key relationships, understand customer needs, and provide appropriate sales solutions.

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  The very best sales people are ‘relationship experts’. They focus all of their attention on the relationship before they begin talking about their products or services.  
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How can you develop your relationship-building expertise that is rewarded with increased repeat business, new business and referrals from satisfied customers?...
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Understanding Relationship Selling challenges your own approach to selling, and helps you develop new strategies to foster key relationships!
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