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If you want to develop your skills as a master negotiator, then this is the program for you!

Build knowledge about master negotiating techniques and then apply new and innovative strategies and skills to achieve winning outcomes when the stakes are high. Fuel your confidence for navigating complex negotiations, with proven techniques and tools to advance your influence and change the rules of the negotiation game.
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Based on the book by Catherine Mattiske.

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3 hours in total

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Instantly transform & advance your skills!

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Benefits and immediate results

Add master negotiating techniques to your ‘grab bag’ of traditional negotiation tools for improved negotiation outcomes. Evaluate your current approach to negotiation and develop new and innovative strategies to develop your skills as a master negotiator. Negotiating the Million Dollar Deal combines self-study with real workplace activities to develop skills in important-level and complex negotiating.
  • Uncover negotiable components that influence final price
  • Know your options and the options of your fellow negotiator
  • Turn non-negotiable position statements into readily negotiable statements of interest
  • Identify and counter adversarial negotiation tactics
  • Define and demonstrate primary ways to establish power
  • Apply the advanced negotiation techniques & tools to real-life negotiations
  • Create your Skill Development Action Plan
Wherever parties with different interests and perceptions depend on each other for results, negotiation matters. This program provides advanced techniques and tools that assist you to change the rules of the negotiation game. Advance your full set of interests by understanding and shaping the others side’s opinions, establish power within your negotiations and achieve winning outcomes when the stakes are high!

Program Roadmap

What's Ahead in this Program Journey?
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  Savvy negotiators not only play their cards well, they design the game in their favor even before they get to the table.  


How can you master game-changing plays in your negotiations?...
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Negotiating the Million Dollar Deal provides the proven techniques and strategies to navigate complex negotiations, advance your influence and change the rules of the negotiation game!
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Program contents

You're minutes away from negotiating your best ever deal!

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