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Managing from a Distance During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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What is virtual leadership, exactly? Progressive leaders can successfully influence and lead their teams in an office, but can they be agile enough to grow, lead, and influence their teams?

The step-by-step Virtual Leadership system reveals how to manage, lead, grow and inspire your virtual team during the coronavirus pandemic, and beyond.

What are the perfect daily and weekly actions to motivate and manage your virtual team? Catherine Mattiske will show you how. After years of leading virtual teams internationally, she has written this book to help you be the best virtual leader you can be.
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What's inside?

  • Part 1:  Virtual Leadership Foundations
  • Part 2:  Virtual Leader Personal Qualities
  • Part 3:  Building a Virtual Team
  • Part 4:  Managing Your Virtual Team on a Daily Basis
  • Part 5:  Tapping into Virtual Team Potential: Creating High Performance Virtual Teams
  • Part 6:  Be Heard and Get Agreement in a Virtual World
  • Part 7:  Looking After You and Your Virtual Leadership Career


433 pages

7 comprehensive parts

42 Immediately
Applicable Activities

26 A to Z
Case studies

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Opening pages  | List of Contents, Activities & A-Z Case Studies I Introduction | Excerpt from Part 1: Virtual Leadership Foundations

  • Is the virtual team you are leading functioning at full capacity?

  • Are all your virtual team members confident, productive, and positive even though the coronavirus is impacting the way they work?

  • Are all your virtual team members engaged, involved, and a team-oriented player?

  • Do you always know how to deal with multi-cultural team members sensitively?

if you answered "no" to one or more of These questions, you need to read this book!

praise for leading virtual teams

Dr Andrée Bates, Chief Executive Officer, Eularis, London, UK

The tech side of working virtually is only one small aspect of making a virtual team successful, and Leading Virtual Teams helps you ensure success.

Robert Hillard, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Deloitte Australia, Melbourne, Australia

Responding to the crisis, Catherine Mattiske has rapidly drawn on her years of experience to provide an excellent guide for leaders trying to navigate this challenging new world.

Boaz Fischer, CEO of CommsNet Group and MyBizSecurity, Canberra, Australia

What surprised me is how extensive and comprehensive the book is… full of highly valuable purposeful information that readers can apply straight away in their business.

Dr. Samuel C. Rindell, Head of Talent Management Strategy & Operations, Cigna, Connecticut, USA

I am confident that after reading the book, everyone from the most inexperienced manager/leader to a manager/leader with years of experience will benefit equally from Catherine's masterful understanding of leading virtual teams.

Lucinda Nolan, CEO of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, Melbourne, Australia

The timing and foresight of this book are incredible. It has helped me to focus on the requirements of the here and now, and to think about the future in positive and innovative ways.

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