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Listen and Be Listened To Digital Learning

Build more effective work relationships with your co-workers and leaders by tuning into key communication messages and responding appropriately.

Learn tips, tricks and techniques to boost active listening capability and discover that effective listening helps command respect from both the speakers and listeners point of view.
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Based on the book by Catherine Mattiske.

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Our unique view of the world and personal style, based on our values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, affects how we act, perceive information, and communicate. It also influences the way we listen and how others listen to us. Listen & Be Listened To combines self-study with realistic workplace activities to provide you with the key skills and techniques of effective and enhanced listening:
  • Define listening and recognize why listening is important
  • Identify the barriers to effective listening
  • Identify your own listening style and the listening style of others
  • Demonstrate techniques for active listening
  • List the tips for effective listening
  • Identify top tips to sharpen personal listening skills
  • Create  your skill development action plan
Listen and Be Listened To breaks down the art and skill of active listening which is critical to building and maintaining effective working relationships.

Program Roadmap

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The average person talks at a rate of about 125 - 175 words per minute, while we can listen at a rate of up to 450 words per minute.

This means that we think much faster than we talk, which is the main challenge in becoming truly active listeners.

How can you listen well in all that free space?...
Listen And Be Listened To helps to master the art and skill of active listening!
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