4 Persuasive Arguments That'll Convince Your Organization to Adopt the Growth Mindset

by Catherine Mattiske · 3 min read
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Global Business Educator and Author Catherine Mattiske Explains Traits Shared by Top Performers and High Achievers.
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You’re an HR exec, and for years you’ve been suggesting the company adopt and train its employees in the growth mindset — after all, who wouldn’t want a positive team that never gives up and stays 110% committed to completing tasks on time? However, your corporation is resistant to change, and the bosses see it as a significant overhaul. They don’t want to pay for yet another training program. What do you do?

Catherine Mattiske, the globally recognized training expert best known for inventing ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient (GQ), has four persuasive arguments for corporate about why the company needs to be trained in the Growth Mindset ASAP. 

"The Growth Mindset is the name for a series of traits I’ve found a huge amount of top performers and high achievers exhibit,” says Catherine. “Therefore, any organization should absolutely want their executives and employees trained in it as soon as possible.”

4 Persuasive Arguments That’ll Convince Your Organization to Adopt the Growth Mindset

1. Employees Will Consistently Hit Deadlines

Those trained in the Growth Mindset are more decisive and extraordinarily consistent. They don’t waste time, don’t allow themselves to be sidetracked, and take actions that keep them moving forward. They’re fully in, fully committed, and ready every day.

2. It Increases COVID-Level Disaster Readiness/ Pivotability

Those trained in the Growth Mindset are mentally flexible when the unexpected happens, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. They simply see it as a new challenge to take on, pivot quickly, and begin driving themselves towards positive solutions inside the new circumstances.

3. It Creates a More Positive Workplace

Those trained in the Growth Mindset are extraordinarily positive people. They may have a negative thought here and there, but they don’t allow it to consume them and move on from it quickly. Also, when someone with the Growth Mindset embraces a new challenge — even if it’s challenging — they’re always the ones who constantly see the glass as half-full!

4. It Creates a More Supportive Workplace

Those trained in the Growth Mindset constantly seek out support, because they are hungry for feedback on how they can get better. Whether that support comes from HR, Learning & Development, or co-workers, it creates a workplace that is constantly seeking improvement where team members celebrate learning and contribute to each other’s growth.

"A Growth Mindset is a skill that can be learned, like any other. It is not exclusive to a few. It is the foundation of a high-performing workplace with high-performance employees, and a major contributor to success," says Catherine. "Organizations that do not provide employees with development opportunities to foster a growth mindset are not harnessing the genius within their leaders and teams."
About Catherine

About Catherine mattiske

Catherine Mattiske, best known for creating ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient (GQ), is a leading light in the corporate learning and team-building industries. She regularly works with large and small organizations to help team members better understand one another while effectively collaborating and boosting individual and team morale and productivity in the workplace.

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