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Be the visionary that drives impactful transformation for your organization.

In this 6-week interactive program, you should be able to use Inner Genius to communicate in a new way, that celebrates and encourages a diverse and inclusive workplace that thrives.

Develop and implement the organization’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) initiatives and strategy. Building an organization-wide mindset and communication toolkit around DEIB isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s an absolute must.
  • Led by the Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (or similar senior executive role), this program is designed to be attended by all corporate employees, at all levels.
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This program is an all-virtual format - join from anywhere!

  • Welcome Pack

    Program essentials, GQ Academy access & voucher for IG Profile
  • Inner Genius Profile

    + Access to GQ Vault: Profile Report, full eBook, Playlist, Tools, Vouchers
  • Live Launch Session

    90 minutes
  • 6 Self-Study Digital Modules

    2-3 hours per week
  • 6 Live masterclasses

    6 x 90 minutes
  • Personalized Coaching Sessions

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Benefits and Immediate results

Embed DEIB as an integral element of your organization's culture and environment
  • Enhance communication, remove barriers and misunderstandings and allow new, fresh ideas to be discussed
  • Use Inner Genius tools to help all employees speak using other people’s voices and reduce unconscious bias
  • Maximize people’s strengths by understanding how people learn, and communicate, to create effective teams.

Develop Authentic connections

Empower every employee through the use of the Inner Genius tools
  • Give all employees a voice
  • Design communication that makes everyone feel like they are included
  • Reduce unconscious bias to provide a more inclusive environment for all

What the DEIB Experts say

Let me put a DEI department together – Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Department. I’ll have those people be on a certain number of calls. And then I’ll do all the same things that I did before. How is that altering anything, just because I have some DEIB department that’s going to be a call once a month? It’s like you’re missing the entire point. [Inner Genius] allows each of us to feel like we can still be ourselves and not have to change for other people. But we have a bridge to now hear one another. So I think that is phenomenal.

Audrey Cavenecia

Belonging & Leadership

How does it work?

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