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Discover Your Genius Quotient Professional

Unlock your Inner Genius to become a better communicator and a thoughtful, influential professional.

This 6-week deep-dive program with Catherine Mattiske gives you powerful strategies and tools to immediately improve the way you connect, communicate and influence for success.
  • Designed for all roles, from Entrepreneurs, to Business Professionals, Leaders with a team, Senior and C-Suite Leaders for their teams
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This program is an all-virtual format - join from anywhere!

  • Welcome Pack

    Program essentials, GQ Academy access & voucher for IG Profile
  • Inner Genius Profile

    + Access to GQ Vault: Profile Report, full eBook, Playlist, Tools, Vouchers
  • Live Launch Session

    90 minutes
  • 6 Self-Study Digital Modules

    2-3 hours per week
  • 6 Live masterclasses

    6 x 90 minutes
  • Personalized Coaching Sessions




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Benefits and immediate results

Master the communication success formula that is the #1 reason why the world’s most successful people can get their message across and influence millions. The influence on millions of people leads to more success, with opportunities to grow and expand over the years.

Enhance your communication, and remove barriers and misunderstandings. Boost your Influence, communication, and connection in every interaction by developing skills and tools needed to see actual results.

Build Powerful connections

You’ll learn practical skills for managing relationships and communication with different types of people, building trust and rapport, and ultimately influencing powerful connections that will last.

What our Participants say

Discovering your Genius Quotient gifted me with the ability to communicate with impact. I’ve been able to recognize and enhance partnerships throughout my life. Catherine provides you with a proven way to be seen and heard in a supportive and engaging environment.

karen Longest

HR Manager
This program has been a lively and fascinating experience for me. I wish I could’ve had these informative yet easily learnable skills for the last 15 years of my professional career. The program has unlocked tools to promote self-awareness and to capitalize on unique learning modes in order to shape effective communication with others...now I feel like my message is being heard.

Courtney Palmoore

First Sergeant

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This is a 6-week deep-dive program, with one live Masterclass session per week and digital modules (self-study) in-between.

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