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Discover Your Genius Quotient Learning Professional

Unlock your programs' Genius to inspire unforgettable impact.

In this 6-week interactive program, you should be able to use your learners'/coachees' Genius Quotient (GQ) to unlock a new method of communication to engage, connect and influence.

This program helps you to understand others' learning preferences and use the best strategies and techniques to help them learn faster, retain and apply new information, to achieve their limitless potential.
  • Corporate training professionals, L&D, Trainers, Facilitators, Instructional Designers, Performance Consultants, Coaches and Mentors
  • Educators in School, College or University: Teacher, Faculty Member, Lecturer, Principal, Dean, Vocational Education and Training (VET) Instructor, Tutor, Instructor and Coach
  • Sports Coaching in Sports Association, Sports Academy, Professional or Volunteer Coaches from all sporting codes 
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This program is an all-virtual format - join from anywhere!

  • Welcome Pack

    Program essentials, GQ Academy access & voucher for IG Profile
  • Inner Genius Profile

    + Access to GQ Vault: Profile Report, full eBook, Playlist, Tools, Vouchers
  • Live Launch Session

    90 minutes
  • 6 Self-Study Digital Modules

    2-3 hours per week
  • 6 Live masterclasses

    6 x 90 minutes
  • Personalized Coaching Sessions

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Benefits and immediate results

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What the experts say

"And I love the idea that [Inner Genius] is almost a missing link, because I think of all the amazing things that we are involved in as learning professionals, [doing all we] can do to create learning environments, to create engaging learning sessions. But, it’s rarely going to land unless that learner has the knowledge of how they learn."
Marc Williams
Learning that Sticks
"There are many books out there on how to coach sports teams to get the winning edge. However, nothing comes close to Unlock Inner Genius. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and science-based. I’ve implemented Catherine Mattiske’s Inner Genius communication techniques both with individuals and the teams I coach. As a result, I instantly see an improvement in my athletes in how they listen, understand, react and perform."
Nicola Symonds
Personal Trainer & Coach
Dublin, Ireland
"Well, you’ve certainly helped me…

I’ve [gotten] so much value out of it, and I know that people are listening to this, if they’ve got any interest in moving on in coaching and leadership, you cannot fail to have opened up a little gold mine here.

So thank you so much."
Rob Ryles
Football Coach and Mentor


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On completion of this program participants may explore the formal Certification pathway of ID9 Intelligent Design. Designed by Catherine Mattiske, these programs have Certified over 5,500 learning professionals globally, who have gone onto train in excess of 5 million people. 

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