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Inner Genius communication Strategy Pack

Unlock Inner Genius includes a breakthrough tool - The Inner Genius Wheel. This is a blueprint for structuring all types of communication.

If you are a parent, a boss, a coach, a team member, or someone who is seeking success, this tool is designed for you.

Inside the pack you'll find examples of BEFORE and AFTER communication in a practical HOW TO guide format.
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Magazine style downloadable tool

Practical how-to guide with before and after

6 scenario-based case studies

12 templates ready to complete

Explore the communications

You get all of these 

Parent Chat

Look at the difference between the battle that one parent had with teenagers to do homework. Check out the  Inner Genius Wheel to se how the same parent broke through the homework battle - forever!

Coach Talk

Check out the 'win at all costs' coach and how they motivated their team by changing the flow of the coaching session.

Leader Email

People snoozed and ignore this leader's directive. Explore the difference when the same leader communicates differently and gets Department Heads executing his vision with all team on board.

Manager Rip

Cringe as you read how this manager told a team member that their ideas was terrible! Even in this most difficult conversation, look at how the manager took a few minutes to reformulate their communication strategy to provide valuable feedback and get the same team member on board to create a new idea.

Trainer Preso

Yawn as you  re-live some of your own training memories as you read about this trainer giving Listening Skills training. Then, notice the different when the trainer users the Inner Genius Wheel to engage all participants, spends zero extra time on training, yet gets everyone participating and learning.

Sales Pitch

Meet Brayton, the super casual sales rep whose unstructured emails put customers off from buying. Then, check out his new communication strategy for introducing a new product to his customers. You'll want to buy bricks from Brayton after you read this!
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  You will get...

12 Inner Genius Wheel Communication Canvas templates, ready for you to complete next time you have an email, presentation, letter, conversation, or challenging communication to create.

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