8 Steps to Ensure Your Growth Mindset is Working | Catherine Mattiske

Jul 4 / Catherine Mattiske
Many people are stuck in a rut of believing that the only way you can grow is to work harder and harder. There is a lot of talk about a growth mindset, but it is hard to implement. Growth in a person is not always easy. It takes a mixture of self-awareness, courage, and effort. Growth is not something that can be forced by circumstances. Nevertheless, taking it one step at a time, you can push yourself to take a step in that direction. 

8 Steps to Ensure Your Growth Mindset is Working

Here are 8 ways you can take a step toward your growth mindset.
  • Create Ego-free Goals: Goal setting is a common habit, but it just doesn't work for everyone. Knowing your Genius Quotient (GQ) and unlocking your Inner Genius will help you achieve your goals. This can be done by identifying your problem, being present, working out how your goal serves others and eliminating any ego from the equation. “Once you know your GQ, it’s easier to identify the problem, set a goal, get into your Genius Zone, and watch your self-improvement unfold before your eyes. This is the first stage of your Genius Quotient – the learning stage.”
  • Be Decisive: A lot of times, people get distracted by what is going on around them. This can cause them to waste time and not be able to get the work done. For those with The Growth Mindset, time is not something to be wasted. "This mindset means that you never allow yourself to be sidetracked. Instead, you take action that keeps them moving in a forward direction.”
  • Be Consistent: You want to be successful and be the best you can be. But it seems like everything is out of your reach and you aren't reaching your goals. Consistency is the key to success. But few people actually have it. Consistency is key and without it, you're in danger of not reaching your goals. “People with The Growth Mindset are fully in, fully committed, ready every day, and always looking for the information needed to achieve the goal they've set out to achieve. The Genius Quotient is a product that helps people stay consistent by reducing the mental load of achieving their goals.”
  • Smash Negativity: Negative thoughts are detrimental to our personal growth and positive thought. Negative thoughts are a normal part of life, but they don't need to control your life. But sometimes it's hard to stop negative thoughts from coming up. Wouldn't it be great if you could stop negative thoughts from coming up? Meet the Genius Quotient - a tool that helps you with smashing your negativity and helps you get into your personal Genius Zone which boosts your overall productivity with a more positive mindset. Those with The Growth Mindset let negative thoughts go quickly. "They may have a negative thought, but they simply don't allow it to consume them and move on from it quickly," Catherine says.
  • Take the Challenge: Taking risks opens you up to failure, "but someone with The Growth Mindset is okay with that," she says, "because by failing they know they're also learning, changing, and getting one step closer to their end goal."
  • Stay Positive: It's difficult to maintain a positive mindset. There is always something to distract us from our goals. Your brain is a constantly busy vessel. High-quality mental stimulation is so important, but it is difficult to find the time and resources to feed it. Those with The Growth Mindset are very positive people to be around! Working on your Growth Mindset and knowing how to get into your Genius Zone are helping to live a positive life. "When someone with The Growth Mindset embraces a new challenge — even if it’s incredibly difficult — they're the ones who constantly see the glass as half-full. Even when there’s only a drop left in the glass, they still find the positive about that drop.”
  • Go Slow: It is hard to go slow because people are so impatient. It is so hard to go slow when there is so much to do. People with The Growth Mindset are the most successful people in the world. They take things slowly and get the job done. But how do you get there? How do you process all the data and information you need to make your decisions? “People with The Growth Mindset have a philosophy of ‘Go slow in the beginning so you can go fast at the end.” They take things slowly at the beginning of any new process, making sure to lay down a good foundation, so when they get to the end, everything is absolutely correct.” Knowing your Genius Quotient is the world's smartest way to learn. It's the easiest way to learn anything, build your confidence, and power your productivity with less effort.
  • Get Support: Life is all about self-improvement and guidance. Sometimes, we just want to know what to do next and how to get there. We hear you. Finding growth opportunities is difficult without the support of a manager or a mentor. The Growth Mindset is fueled by support, whether that be by HR, Growth & Development, friends, family or co-workers. What if there was a place where you could get advice and feedback on your goals, and also access and track your progress to make sure you're staying in your Genius Zone? When you unlock your Genius Quotient, we will support you. "That support mechanism is absolutely the game-changer," Catherine says.
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In Conclusion

Many people struggle with staying stagnant in their careers or do not grow their businesses or careers because they are afraid of the unknown, and that's a very dangerous mindset. If you sit back, take it easy, and hold off on investing your time into new ideas, you'll never see the growth that you deserve. Growth is a difficult process, but it's possible with the right mindset and an open mind. Growth through learning is the key to overcoming any challenge. We're a company that is helps people learn, grow, and excel.

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About Catherine mattiske

Catherine Mattiske, best known for creating ID9 Intelligent Design and the Genius Quotient (GQ), is a leading light in the corporate learning and team-building industries. She regularly works with large and small organizations to help team members better understand one another while effectively collaborating and boosting individual and team morale and productivity in the workplace.

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