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Feb 6 / Inner Genius Member

When it came time for spring break, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for my family to do something special together. The results were remarkable! 
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Sheryl is a proud mother of two college-age kids, her youngest just starting out in their first year. She had seen the occasional ups and downs that come with the transition to university life - from studying late into the night to sharing a room with someone who wasn’t always your best friend.

 When it came time for spring break I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for my family to do something special together. 
GQ Profile on tablet
After some browsing online, Sheryl happened upon The Inner Genius Profile – a unique tool designed to allow each member of the family to better understand themselves by unlocking their individual archetypes.

They all jumped on board and were excited at what they might learn about one another as well as themselves.
 The results were remarkable! Suddenly everyone started seeing each other in a new light; understanding how they learn differently ended up being invaluable knowledge which made communication between them easier than ever before! 
Sheryl and her daughter
The Inner Genius Profile gave Sheryl’s family something truly special: insight into one another, coupled with deeper understanding and appreciation leading to stronger relationships overall. This may have been just an ordinary Spring Break, but it certainly felt like anything but, thanks to this powerful tool!

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