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 My manager was always on my back, my team was unenthusiastic, and I felt like I wasn't making any progress.  
The Explorer




Sandi had grown tired of the monotony of her job. She’d been with the global consulting firm for 10 years and although it had been a great experience, she felt that something wasn’t quite right anymore.
 My manager was always on my back, my team was unenthusiastic, and I felt like I wasn't making any progress!  
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So Sandi decided to take some time off to explore who she really was inside and what made her truly happy in life. She took a few days away from work to reflect and recharge before diving into exploring herself further through the Inner Genius Profile. When the results came back, they revealed that Sandi's Archetype profile was The Explorer!
The first thing that resonated with Sandi about this newfound identity were words like discovery, working with others, and innovation which sounded very different from where she currently stood in life at the moment – stuck in a 9-5 job without much enthusiasm or room for growth. Then it hit her: why not turn my passion into my profession? That is exactly what she did! 
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Sandi took her long overdue sabbatical without looking back and set out on an adventure around the world as well as within herself – discovering new cultures, and meeting interesting people along the way while also learning more about herself every day. After months of traveling both near and far, Sandi returned home inspired by all that she experienced but most importantly filled with newfound confidence knowing how capable she can be when taking risks!
 When it came time to return to work, honestly, I was dreading it. I decided to tackle everything every day in a new way. I use the Inner Genius Wheel for all of my important communications and have found my connection with my boss and my team is so much better. I am working in my true Genius Zone.  
Now instead of feeling bored or frustrated at work every day, she’s motivated in her work.  
To keep her passion for travel and life purpose alight, Sandi runs a successful side-hustle business helping other professionals find their Inner Genius in her new purposeful travel consulting business – helping them create meaningful lives full of joy and purpose just like hers has become!

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