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 The sales figures rose exponentially, and soon other departments within the company wanted in on what I had created.  
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Mateo had been a senior sales leader for years and was used to having to say "no" to his team's innovative, but sometimes whacky ideas. He knew it was impacting their motivation, so he decided to change tactics. Instead of saying no all the time, he began responding with “Yes...and” as a way of encouraging them to come up with even better ideas.
Team huddle hands-in
At first, Mateo’s team was quite puzzled by this new approach - after all, they were used to him shooting down their proposals! But gradually they got into the swing of things and started really thinking outside the box. Soon enough they were coming up with some truly incredible solutions that Mateo couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams!
 The sales figures rose exponentially and soon other departments within the company wanted in on what I had created – an unstoppable sales force that worked together in perfect harmony!  
Recognizing their collective Inner Genius gave everyone involved renewed energy and enthusiasm for the job.
 They were all working in their individual Genius Zones – and when they came together as a group – they were unstoppable!  
It didn't take long before people from all over were talking about how remarkable Mateo's team was; a modern-day miracle!
Mateo never looked back since transitioning from saying ‘no’ to ‘yes…and’, instead of dampening creativity it unleashed it like never before seen at the company – revolutionizing productivity across every level of management!

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