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 The way that you convey information is the difference between a mundane experience and a transformational experience for the learner.  
The Explorer

Akilah's STORY

Akilah Henderson has an M.Ed. in Instructional Design describes herself as a career Learning & Development Leader with a background as an Instructional Designer and Learning & Training Coach.

As a lifelong learner, Akilah was introduced to Catherine Mattiske and Inner Genius in early January 2023, and signed up to the GQ Masterclass program, ready to discover more.

As the Class of January 2023 embarked on their 3-week blended learning program, they took their Inner Genius Profiles. Akilah discovered her Inner Genius Archetype is 'The Explorer'.
GQ Masterclass
Over 3-weeks, the class set about unlocking their unique and individual Genius Zones. They discovered how to use The Inner Genius Wheel Tool, as a quick and easy communication canvas, and used the game-changing Archetype Translator Tool to build translation bridges, supercharge communication, and create stronger connections with others.

For Akilah, the entire program turned out to be a transformational experience - for herself, as well as for her students and clients.

Hear from Akilah in her own words....

The GQ Masterclass program had a major impact on the way I approach the work I do with learners. The way that you convey information is the difference between a mundane experience and a transformational experience for the learner!

Communication is Key...

...all the way down to word choice and comma placement. Not only did this program lead me to discover my Genius Quotient and understand more about myself, it gave me a tool for mass communication when delivering a message or information to learners (and others) with a variety of individual learning and processing styles.
This adds to the power of any transformational experience I create by ensuring that it speaks to the needs of every learner that I have the opportunity to work with.  It allows me to ensure the message that I am communicating is actually received.
 The team was knowledgeable, and the Masterclass was a curated experience that was direct and to the point, while exposing me to the opportunities and possibilities for the future with tools at my fingertips - which is exactly what a person with my exact Genius Quotient needed.  
What's your archetype?

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